As The Founder Of DNA Diversity Executive Search, I Was Able To Look Behind The Scenes Of:

30,000 Interviews...
and 100+ Organizations...

Here's What I've Learned (New Research):

The Single Biggest Secrets To Attracting and Retain The Top 10% Diverse in Your Organization

...without spending lots money of 
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From: Ruth Dorsainville
St Petersburg, Florida

There is a big difference between having an organization...

and having a successful organization that is actually create a legacy (wouldn't you agree?).

As the founder and CEO of DNA Diversity Executive Search, I have a rare opportunity to see behind the scenes of thousands of interviews between candidates, hiring managers, HR, CEOs, and see what's working, and what's not working. 

Recently I have analyzed over 30,000 interviews, and looked at over 100+ organizations ran by our team...

Trying to find a pattern of what made some organization successful, while others flopped. 

As you can imagine, this was NOT a quick or easy process

We drew a lot of connections, but a lot of them ended up leading us into some big "dead ends..."

But then something cool happened... 

As We Kept Digging and Analyzing and Discussing, 
A Set Of Patterns Emerged...

And what we found shocked us! Attracting and Retaining Top 10% Talent had almost NOTHING to do with:

  • What type of channel you used for recruiting...
  • The years of experience of the candidate...
  • From which company you recruited them from...

But instead, it had everything to do with your ability to:

  • Communicate with the people who entered into your organization...
  • Understand how to tell your brand's story... 
  •  How well you can use the fundamentals of diversity, equity and inclusion to build rapport with your internal employees and new talent...
  • Build a tribe of diversity, equity and inclusion employees who understand your vision, mission and goals, and became lifelong diversity ambassadors...​
  • Change your company from a "transactional" organization into a "transformational" legacy! 

They Had Mastered The Art Of Being A Diverse Legacy CEO To Their Dream Employees...

And Then Helping Them To Achieve The Results That The Organization Promised...

Many people get nervous when they hear me say the word "Legacy CEO..." because they don't consider themselves an Legacy CEO. 

"But Ruth.. I am not sure where to start or I am not a minority CEO..."

For those who are thinking that, I want to remind you that your platform, your internal/external messages, are your virtual stage. 

By positioning yourself as an expert diverse legacy CEO and learning how to tell your position in diversity in a way that gets people to move, you are able to guide people through your organization, giving them the results they are looking for... 
A Diverse, Equity and Inlusive Legacy Organization...

Think About Every One Of My Social Media Channel That You Have Ever Seen... I Am Always Taking a Stand for The Social Issues Affecting Our Society:

YES! In every case it is the "Diverse Legacy CEO" who has mastered how to communicate with people who enter into their organization.

I believe that your organization is a calling. 

You’ve been called to serve a group of people with the that you’ve created. 

People come into your organization looking to contributed to their full human potential. 

By positioning yourself as an Diverse Legacy CEO and learning how to share your values when it comes to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in a way that gets people to move, you are able to guide people through your organization, giving them the results they are looking for. 

This is how you change the lives of your customers, 
 and this is how you grow your organization.

Most CEOs don’t understand that their voice is the key to actually creating a diverse organization.

Your story, your values, your beliefs and why you are on taking a stand in social movement are what initially get diverse people to convert and then continue to stay with you over time.

I spent a lot of time taking everything we had learned studying these diverse legacy CEOs and the movements they created, and broke down what I found into the first book series that will help you to turn your potential top 10% diverse employees into lifelong employees!


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The Underground Playbook For Growing Your Company Online...

What Is This Book About?

Diversity policies don’t always work, In fact only 15% of large companies use diversity and inclusion as a management strategy. If the organization is not ready to take this step then it needs to develop a system that is more inclusive.

This book will show you how to create a systematize diversity, equity and inclusive legacy organization. As executives you want to make an impact in any organization,  You want to leave a legacy. This book will show you how to changed your entire organization culture for the best!

This comprehensive work builds an arc perfectly on the necessity for corporations to embrace all of its employees and how by doing that it connects to the ultimate success and growth of a business. 


Ruth Dorsainville is the Managing Director of DNA Diversity Executive Search. A Women-Owned and Minority recruiting firm, specializing in creating an empowering diversity workplace. Ruth has a proven record of success in assisting world-class organizations with their executive recruitment and leadership development requirements.

A trusted advisor to senior management, she builds long-term relationships, and has an established reputation for her commitment to excellence and focus on results.
Today she inspires individuals to live their essence thru their careers and promote diversity in the workplace for women; LGBT, minority, and disabled clients. She does so through many different mediums including her career coaching practice.


I have applied every single step to this book. It has changed my company culture. I have purchased a copy for all my staff.
~James, CEO
This book opened and changed our strategy on AI recruitment. We went from 10% to 90% diversity, equity, and inclusion. As a decision-maker, It is important to ensure that everyone is aligned with the company’s vision and mission. Highly recommended!
~Phillip, CTO
Diversity recruitment can be challenging as an HR white female in a 90% white environment. This book provides the tools to not only learn how to find diverse candidates but also provides a step by steps strategy to create, maintain and systematize a diverse and inclusive organization. It also helped me to become a diversity advisor. A must-read book!
~Jenny, VP of Human Resources 
& DEI Consultant

Here's What You'll Learn From This Amazing Book:

Check Out A Small Glimpse Of What You'll Discover Inside...

  •  An indept understanding of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • ​How to compite diversity data for your organization
  • ​How to address and create diversity policies
  • ​How to create a diversity company objective
  • ​​How to measure diversity policy performance
  • ​How to become a ​diversity expert

As You Can See...

This book Has Already Helped Countless People Around The World Understand the Foundamentals on How to Create a Diverse Organization...

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During this presentation you will learn the five steps you must go through to educate your team, and establish yourself as an diverse legacy CEO expert.

You will also learn the secrets of how to create your own Diversity, Equity and Inclusive Council and how to teach those frameworks so those who you are serving will not only remember them, but also be able to implement them in their lives!

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We create diversity, equity and inclusive organization so we can help advancing black lives through leadership education. Every time you buy a book, we donate 100% to DNA Black Leadership Institute so that black youth and young professionals get an education, mentorship, sponsorship...a future. By working together to empower this and future generations of Black leaders, we will achieve our vision of higher representation in the boardroom, and secure an equitable future for our entire community. Thank you for your purchase. You are changing the world in more ways then you realize.